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Now Wi-Fi is the best method of using internet. Wi-Fi spreads the internet through the air and multiple users can use internet at the same time by sharing the connection. This is not difficult to do. For spreading the internet to wireless connection. For receiving the Wi-Fi internet connection, the user has to use Wi-Fi featured devices like smartphone or table PC. Wi-Fi features is enable in many laptops. Users can now use Wi-Fi from laptops easily. Now many public and private places, Wi-Fi signal can be found. Many users can use Wi-Fi use internet together from their devices. This is the most interesting thing.
Among all of the routers and networking devices, many users choose the TP-Link routers. Because this is a popular brand for manufacturing routers and other networking devices. This is why, many users prefer to use the TP-Link routers and networking devices. Popular brands routers keep the reputation of the device. That is why, you will find all of the devices are useful and performs well. Before buying a router and networking device, you should know about the performance of the device. Many routers and many models of the routers of TP- Link use default IP address So, users need to use this IP address with other information like username and password.
You have the default IP address, username and password. You need to use all of those things if you want to login to the router. For this reason, you can use a browser where you can use all of those things step by step. First, on the address bar of the browser, you have to use the default IP address 192.168.0254. For accessing the next step, the user has to press enter button of the user can click on the Go button from the browser. Now user has to type the Username and password on the login form and when the user again presses on the enter button, then they can login to the device.
Users should think of the router and Wi-Fi. Router settings will remain safe if your naughty friends do not access those. However, you should change the default username and password. Those friends may reset all of the resetting and we will discuss more later about troubleshooting issues. Wi-Fi security is very important. If you do not pay attention on the Wi-Fi security, then others can access your internet from outside. This is why, you should think about the Wi-Fi security.
The default IP address is not recommended to change. If your device is used different IP address in the router as default, then you should not change the IP address. Because default IP address is used for various purposes. Later I will say all of the purposes of the default IP address. Now users need to know why the default IP address can be changed and how to form a correct IP address. Because the formation of the IP address is very necessary if the user needs to change the IP address. IP confliction is the main reason to change the default IP address.
Now let’s learn of the IP address formation. The IP address is a default IP address and when the user wants to change the default IP address, then the user needs to follow the IP address class. The 192.168 is introducing the IP address Class and this portion is saying that the IP address is from the Class C. User cannot change the IP address from the first two parts but the user can change the IP address from the last two parts. The user has to use any number from 0 to 255 in the place of number in the last two parts. Changing the numbers, users do not need to use any number which is from out of the IP address range.
When the user wants to change the IP address, then user has to use numbers and 3 dots only. If the user wants to use anything different the numbers or dots, then the IP address will be false. The IP address cannot form with letter or word. Users cannot put sign or space in the IP address. Users should maintain rules when he wants to change the IP address and put a new IP address. So, be careful when you change the IP address as if you can lead hassle free time.
If you find that the default IP address 192.1680.254 does not and it is showing error message, the problem may contain in the computer. You can use other computer for checking the router. If you find the problem is inside of the computer, then you should the firewall fist. Many times the firewall find the IP address suspicious and firewall blocks the IP address. If the problem is from firewall, then you have to unblock it. If you do not find the IP address blocking cause from firewall, then you should setup the IP address in the network in the control panel. Everything is very easy and many people easily setup the internet from the control panel by Wizard panel.
You should maintain all instruction from the router and this article also help users to follow configuration and settings. But the manual and other papers which come in the route box should be read by the router users. Users cannot get any better article on the default IP address than this article. In the YouTube, users will get video instructions which will be very helpful.
Router reset is very important thing. When you cannot login to the router with the manual information, then you need to reset the router. For log in to the device, you need to apply the default IP address, username and password. If you do not know much about the reset the router system, then you should read the router reset feature from the router manual. Read the router manual if you want to know detail of the reset the router and further instruction for the troubleshooting.
Wi-Fi security is very necessary and important thing and this is why users cannot ignore this portion. From the router manual users will get sufficient information but I suggest users to enable Encrypted security like WPA2, WEP, use a hard password of 8 to 11 digit longs where small and lase case letter will be used. User can use symbol in the password for making the password strongest. You should not keep the router near window and door. If you do so, then it becomes risky. It also hampers security for the Wi-Fi. You should think all about this.